My job is to make sure that only the best mistakes stay in the picture.

With over 25 years of editing experience, db Editorial has cut every format from Feature Films and Episodic TV, to commercials and Music Videos. Many Fortune 100 clients have taken advantage of our post production expertise and we appreciate their repeat business.

Take the talent and know-how of our creative team and combine that with the resolution independent production tools we use, we'll get your next project from the script to the screen on time and on budget.

We can bring our award winning live production and post production expertise to your shoot or to your editing facility. Our Avid online and offline editing facilities are here in Dallas, but if time is an issue we can go on the road to your location with one of our transportable systems and edit in both standard definition and HD.

To answer that age old question... "Yes, we can fix it in post !"

David Baertsch, Creative Director and Senior Editor

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